Biographical film of an Indian Wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat, who had to leave wrestling due to financial pressure and less income. His desire to win a gold medal makes him want for a son who could fulfil his desire and bring a Gold Medal for the Country.

Released in December 2016, directed by Nitesh Tiwari staring Indian most talented Film and Television actors, Aamir Khan and Sakshi Tanwar along with a bunch of powerful Debutante actors this film was actually showed the life of an ex-wrestler.  Phogat had to leave wrestling to fulfil his family’s financial needs but has a desire that his son could bring a gold medal for the country but he has 4 daughters. Although he loves his daughters but his desire for gold slowly vanishes. Until one day his daughters Geeta and Babeeta beat up a young boy. This makes Phogat realize that daughters can be at power with son as well on every front. From there begins the journey of Phogat sister’s training and struggle from a non-wrestlers to international champions after passing all odds.

Set on the backdrops of Hariyana, this film tends to catch the audience’s attention and keep them interested with portions of humour and dialogues. The power packed performance of all the actors would surely make them win awards and critical appreciation. The music was light and gripping with passionate Hariyanwi touch.

The film also gives an underlining message of that daughters are no less than a son through the beautiful depiction father-daughter relation. This film is worth a try. Do watch and share your reviews.


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