2016 had been a year of biopic for bollywood ranging from dangal, Nerja, MS. Dhoni. There came another addition of Biopic on January 25th, 2017 was the superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Directed by Rahul Dholakia, released under Red Chillies Entertainment this film was an action, crime thriller and according to SRK this was his “first Gangster Genre film”.

This film revolves around the life of Abdul Latif a criminal, played by SRK along with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and character actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead roles.

This film was set in the backdrops of Gujrat from the period of 80s and 90s. Raees, a Muslim, from a very small age gets involved in illegal liquor trading and starts working for a criminal Mian Bhai. Raees decides to separate ways from Mian Bhai and start his own liquor trading system. There he gets encountered by an honest IPS officer Majmudar played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Majmudar uses all his abilities to stop liquor trading in Gujrat and is successful as well but whenever he tends to stop Raees he fails. There is a romantic angle in the film as well where Mahira Khan plays the role of Raees’s love interest. They get married and she becomes a support system for Raees as well. The film is all about struggle of Raees, his passion for his work and kind hearted personality.download (3)

The film has a nice blend of action, romance, thrill along with captivating songs like Zalima, Udi Udi jaya and Lala Main Lala. Film also showcases the relation of Raees with his mother, friend and a person who cares for people without any discrimination of religion plus his sincerity for his work. This film not only explains the political system of Gujrat abut also the religious problems in an engaging manner. This film is worth a watch especially for the fans of SRK.


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