Akira is an Indian action drama film released on September, 2016. It is the remake of Tamil film Mouna Guru. Sonakshi Sinha played a leading role hence she was a transitional character who can be idealized. The movie duration is 2hours and 16 minutes. Music was given by Vishal Shehkar.

The story of the movie revolves around the life of a strong and brave girl who has to face the hurdles of life without depending on anyone else. In my opinion, this movie was one of the best examples of women empowerment. Sonakshi in the role of Akira Sharma justified her character. From childhood; when she was imprisoned in the juvenile jail to the adulthood; when she was falsely accused to theft in the Holy Cross College, she did her self and fought with bravery and claimed her innocence and seek justice. But unfortunately, the corrupt police men played every tactic to prove Akira the real culprit and mentally retard. Police men Anurag Kashyap along with his fellow men did violence on Akira so she can give up and don’t raise her voice against the malfunctioning of the system. Black sheep was identified by ACP Rabiya (Kokana SEn Sharma) and without her utmost desire to help Akira to get out of the situation, couldn’t do anything to take Akira out of this situation. She received orders from high officials to let police men roam around freely. Akira had to stay quite to save her country from the massive destruction and went to jail.

However, patriotic, independent, brave, strong, self defensive women like Akira are essential to this society who can’t endure violence against women and wrongs of any kind.


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